Portrait Photography

Aiden Clarke Photography are award winning portrait photographers in Scarborough and we absolutely love dealing with people! We love capturing their very character and spirit in very a natural way. Those unique expressions and features that define an individual's personhood. Stunning photographs captured in an instant but lasting for all time.

Our photography studio is fully equipped with state of the art cameras, photographic lighting equipment and backgrounds etc. Or if you prefer we also also love to do environmental portrait photography and have a large selection of stunning locations to choose from.

A portrait session makes an ideal and very welcome Christmas present from one family member to another. It has proven to be a popular choice of gift ideas from grandparents to their children.

Family Portrait Photography

We love our job as Scarborough family portrait photographers! Family portrait pictures are great fun and the stunning results are priceless. You will never be able to turn the clock back and photograph a bygone period in your family's life. If you want to record forever the way they are now you need to take prompt action.

Newborn and baby Photography

We do 'bump to toddler' family portrait packages covering the following: Late pregnancy; Newborn (as soon as possible after birth); four months old; eight months old; one year old. The results displayed in a wide range of products including a beautiful album, framed print or collage.

Pet Portrait Photography

We are award winning pet photographers! Each session is tailor made for the animal concerned be it a dog, cat, horse, pony or any other kind of pet. Our bespoke pet photography is based around extensive planning and consultation. The animals temperament and character are major factors to consider as well as location. Careful planning ensures a stress free adventure for the animal and great pictures for us!